High House Wallpaper invites entries for its Wallpaper Design Industry Brief based on Indian Cultural Heritage

High House, a wallpaper enterprise initiative based at UK-based Staffordshire University, has announced the ‘Wallpaper Design Industry Brief based on Indian Cultural Heritage’ for which participation is invited from Indian art and design students. This live industry brief will draw upon Indian cultural heritage to inspire a High House Indian heritage range of wallpapers for the contemporary market.


Through this brief, the brand is seeking wallpaper designs that are quirky, beautiful, unusual and original and are inspired by Indian cultural heritage while being current and forward-looking. Successfully selected designs will be up for commercial production through crowd funding and will be produced under the High House company name. The first deadline, for short listing, is 30th March 2016.   High House is based in the Faculty of Arts, Media and Design at Staffordshire University and is led by staff with expertise in wallpaper history and surface pattern design. The company’s autumn 2013 collection was nominated for the Northern Design Awards, confirming the strength of its designs for contemporary interiors. High House designs are known to relate to historic interiors, but they are not retro-styled. The collections usually include ideas that push the boundaries and challenge the viewer. For the industry brief submissions also, participants are expected to include designs that are somehow unexpected or different.


The wallpaper design should be made keeping in mind the target audience who is from modest to high disposable income group, has some insights into good design and looks for designs that make a statement, are of high quality but that they can also live with.   The Wallpaper Design Industry Brief based on Indian Cultural Heritage illustrates very well how courses and design are directly linked to industry. Staffordshire University’s Masters Students will be managing the process, and the successful designs will follow a journey that is typical for those working in the design sector. Successful designs will be promoted for commercial production through a crowd funding platform. Indian art and design students participating in this industry brief will experience the potential of having their designs produced as wallpaper. Typically surface pattern designers never know what happens to their designs; they are sold and used as the buyer chooses. In this case, those who are successful will be involved in a campaign to bring the designs to production.


Best designers will benefit from interaction with Staffordshire University tutors and Masters Students, promotions of designs for wallpaper production through crowd funding, publicity of successful designers and their designs as well as portfolio content for personal development and progression.   A participant may submit up to five designs. The design must have an underpinning story illustrating their inspiration and the journey that the designer took to create them. All submissions must be commercial in a contemporary sense. Since the selected designs will be produced digitally, a range of colours can be included and the designer is not restricted by the requirements of traditional engraved-roller manufactured paper.   The submission must demonstrate design attributes like originality, quirky individuality, be out of context and/or juxtaposed, be edgy and thought provoking as well as have a confident use of colour and excellent draftsmanship/illustrative/drawing skills. It should also demonstrate certain story attributes like Indian cultural heritage informing design ideas, the designer’s journey to the designs generated, justification for choices in relation to target audience as well as references contextualising the designs in both Indian culture and the international market. The technical requirements of the submissions include an original work that is hand-drawn and coloured or digitally produced, the pattern repeat’s ability to fit across the typical wallpaper of 52cm width, suitability of the pattern drop to domestic use and the submission of the design to be in a JPEG format of at least 300dpi resolution.   The submitted entry must have the participant’s full name, Email ID, the design(s), an indication of how the repeat should work across the width and the drop, the story behind the designs as well as a description of the target market, in 4 bullet points, in line with the brief requirements.

Staffordshire University (UK)

“Xpressions’15”, the annual Management-Cultural fest of XIMB, ends with a bang

  “Xpressions’15”, the flagship Management-Cultural fest of Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, concluded successfully on 15th November 2015. Spread over three days, 13th, 14th and 15th of November, the fest witnessed a huge number of participants from reputed colleges such as XLRI, IIM Bangalore, IIM Shillong, Great Lakes Institute Of Management, IMI Delhi, MDI Gurgaon, etc. Around 3000 students participated in various events such as Gladiator, Helios, Goonj, Aaghaz etc, and the final night, which had the Vishal-Shekhar concert, saw a footfall of more than 20,000 people.


Day 1 saw many events taking place. The first rounds of various gaming events such as Gladiators, Kurukshetra, Skill City and Helios, saw participation from various colleges such as KIIT, ITER, VSSUT, NLU Cuttack, Silicon Institute of Technology, etc. These events, which require extreme skill and acumen, were intensely contested by the participants. The preliminary round of Goonj, the singing competition also took place on Day 1 and witnessed spellbinding performances by students from colleges such as OEC, OUAT, BIMTECH, Centurion University, Srusti University, etc. The first Model United Nations conducted by XIMB also began on day 1. Participants from schools and colleges such as ODM Public School, KIIT, SAI International, OUAT, NLU, Christ University etc, engaged in stimulating debates and discussions of Global issues, in an attempt to find feasible solutions. Paint@XIMB, the painting competition, unleashed the creativity and artistic skills of participants from universities like BIMTECH, BK College of Arts and Crafts, CET etc. Anisha Samal of CET won the first place, Asumita Naik of BK College of Arts and Crafts came second, and Ashok Chandan of JD Institute of Fashion Technology came third. The preliminary rounds of Inquizzitive, the Quiz Contest, Nirnay, the operations case study competition, Case in Point, the HR case study challenge, Case Connect, the management based case study event, and Parikrama, the online treasure hunt, also took place on Day 1, in which students from various colleges participated. Throughout the day, the first round of a unique 3 on 3 basketball event, NBA JAM took place where around 160 teams from various schools and colleges such as KIIT international school, IIIT, DAV, Sri Sri University, etc, took place. VJ Ranvijay visited the event and enthralled the crowds. He lauded Bhubaneswar for being one of the most clean cities in India and said that he had a superb time at NBA JAM in XIMB. The highlight of Day 1 was Decibelz, the battle of the Bands, which witnessed powerful and highly entertaining performances from bands such as Knight Shades, Grails of Destruction, Intoxicate, Orphic Cosmogony, Annihilate the Reich. The event was judged by the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of “Demonic Resurrection”, Mr. Sahil Makhija. “Intoxicate”, the metal band from Kolkata, walked away with the first prize. Speaking about his experience at Xpressions’15, Sahil Makhija appreciated the bands that performed in Decibelz and their efforts to make good music. “You can see the passion in the bands when they play, there is that 100%!” he remarked, regardless of the number of the people in the audience. The night ended with a rocking performance by DJ Nucleya which had the crowd dancing to his tunes to his popular tracks such as Akkad Bakkad, Laung Gawacha, etc.



On Day 2, Flight of Fancy, the literary contest took place. The first place went to team “Old Man and She” and second place went to team “Silent Screamers”. The finals of Case in Point took place. Team Sankalp won, and Aman Purohit from XIMB was awarded “Best Manager”. Xpressions in 60 seconds, the RJ hunt was conducted in association with Radio Choklate, and was judged by their RJs. Students from Silicon Institute of Technology, ITER, KIIT, OEC, BIMTECH. IIIT, CET etc took part. The winners of the event were Vijit Agarwar from XIMB came first, Amit Raj from KIIT came second and Aishwarya Behera from Utkal University came third. The finals of Goonj also took place, and after many scintillating performances, Pratyush Ranjan Bagh from OUAT was crowned the winner, while Gulzar from KIIT was the runner up. The results of Xpress, the photography contest were declared. Suchindram Mishra from XIMB came first, Mridul Dhar from KIIT came second, and Siddharth Sai from Trident Academy of Technology came third. The finals of Inquizzitive took place and Abhinav Dhar and Siddharth Mishra from KIIT were declared winners. Maven, the consulting-strategy case study took place, which saw brilliant analyses and strategies suggested by participants. The winners were team “Ab Ki Baar” from XIMB and the runners up were “Phaldins” from SCIT Pune were second. MPower, the marketing case study, which saw an extremely high level of participants was won by Priyank Shah and Shubhanshu Tewari from XIMB and Pranay Kohli and Puja Bedi of XIMB came second. Pratibimb, the face painting competition of XIMB, gave participants a unique way to express themselves. It was won by Siddhanta and Amit Kumar Nayak from BJB, while Pinaki Pritam and Saurabh Ganguly from XIMB came second. “Around the World in 80 days” a competition with an international flavor was won by Aman Kumar and Abhijit Pati of team “Stormcloaks”, XIMB, while Sakshi Choudhary and Anurag Soni of team “The Hunters”, XIMB came second. Mega event Kurukshetra concluded on day 2 and was won by Team “A&A”, comprising of Amaresh Panda and Anup Kumar Patnaik, while team “Falcon”, comprising of Rajat Agarwal and Rahul Jena came second. Second rounds of Gladiator and Skill City also took place. MUN concluded on Day 2, where Ashirbad Nayak from NLU was adjudged the best delegate and Ronit Lal Sarangi from Christ University was given High Commendation. The final rounds of NBA JAM took place where “Telugu Titans” won in the men’s category, and “Powerpuff Bulls” won in the women’s category. The day concluded with the much awaited fashion show, Carnival De Vogue. Participants from KIIT, Silicon Institute of Technology and ITER, apart from XIMB, put their most fashionable foot forward. The glamorous event was won by ITER, while KIIT came second and was judged by model Ankita Chakraborty, beauty queen Harshita Naidu and fashion designer Abhishek Dutta.



Day 3 witnessed many interesting events too, with an interaction with famous author Ruskin Bond being one of them. Virasat, the classical dance and music event took place which added a very Indian flavor to the proceedings. The dance event was won by Prachi Mishra from Utkal University, while Aditi Chaturvedi from XIMB came second. The instrumental round was won by Sharan Shiva Kumar from Sri Sri University, and Sarthak Dash from XIMB came second. Vocal round was won by Swapnil Roy Choudhary from KIIT and Subha Visalam from XIMB came second for their soulful renditions. The Final Cut, the short film contest also took place. The event was judged by renowned film maker Mr. Susant Misra and the theme was “When Darkness Falls”. It was won by team “Chocolate” from XIMB. Gladiators concluded after many high intensity rounds and was won by Abhilash Mohanty and Shrikant Salke from XIMB. Thirkan, the dance competition, saw some mind blowing performances by participating teams and was judged by popular Odia actor Debashish Patra, Itishree devi, a classical dancer and Babubhai Ollywood, acclaimed choreographer. “The Last Aces” from ITER won, while “Quixotec” from KIMS came second. Aaghaz, the street play competition was an absolute delight to watch, with socially awakening performances from participating teams leaving a huge impact on the audience. The winners were team “Kaash” from KIIT, “Emotica” from VSSUT Burla came second, and “Prayaas” from XIMB came third. The winners of Skill City was team “Angels” from XIMB comprising of Swarna Singh, Deepika Tanwar and Ankita Rout, while team “Blitzkreig” from XIMB comprising of Abhilash Mohanty, Divya Jena and Omkar Modak came third. Helios also concluded on Day 3 and was won by Team “Yes” from KIIT. “Novateurs” from KIIT came second.




The event concluded with the highly awaited and anticipated concert by famous singers and music directors Vishal-Shekhar. Vishal and Shekhar said that they had completed 17 years as a duo, and thanked their fans for all their love and support and also appreciated the massive crowd of more than 20,000 people for coming to their show. The concert witnessed a packed house and Vishal-Shekhar treated the audience to their all time hits like Chammak Challo, Om Shanti Om, Dance Basanti, Tu Meri, etc. The electrifying duo had the audiences jumping and dancing with their high energy performance, making sure that the fest ended on a high note. The title sponsors of the event were Maruti Suzuki and Tata Steel, Associate sponsors were Coca Cola (Beverage Partner) and Guvera (Music Partner). The Co Sponsors were Vedanta, Nalco, Uber (Technology Partner), Indian Oil, SBI, Bacardi (Beverage Partner), UB Group (Beverage partner), Pepe Jeans London, etc. NBA JAM was the EDM night partner and the event was powered by VH1.  

Saarang, IIT Madras

Saarang is the annual cultural festival of IIT Madras one of the biggest cultural fests of India, luring approximately 50,000 people all across the country.
Saarang 2016 will be organised in the second week of January and will witness over 50 events, 20 workshops, 5 Professional shows, a series of well acclaimed lectures and video conferences and much more.
Saarang has been the stage for popular performers like Sunidhi Chauhan, Shankar-Ehsaan-LoySonu Nigam, Kay Kay, Shaan and Zakir Hussain and also for internationally recognized bands like KarnivoolOpeth and Hammerfall. It has also witnessed the likes of Kamal HaasanGautham Menon and Arun Shourie. It is a cultural extravaganza like none other.

Saarang Sukriti – 26th September,2015

After all the popularity Saarang has gained, it has spread its wings towards the social bank of the society and introduced its social campaign, “Sukriti” for children welfare. The continued disparity in the society regarding children illiteracy and child labour continues to cripple the equilibrium of the social milieu, which has motivated Saarang Sukriti to take this step towards a better future.

Sukriti made its debut on 13th of September in association with Make a Difference, where it participated in “BACK-A-THON” campaign. Immediately after two weeks, it received the joy of giving, again. The day of 26th September saw a new dawn as two buses arrived at the IIT Madras gate. The buses halted and petite bodies came out running in fits of happiness. A big group of class 6 students from a remote village of Tiruvallur (under Srinivasan Services Trust) gathered around, who were assisted by their school teachers and were made to sit in the auditorium.

After a gentle greeting, the events started with much exuberance. The Fine Arts Club conducted a ‘finger-painting’ session where many young souls got their hands marinated with colours. A few of them turned out to be Hussains and Picassos as they created incredible master-pieces. The Informals Club came in to conduct their events which included dumb-charades, passing the parcel, archery, etc. The children enjoyed the games and this was reflected in the cacophony of giggles. They were also provided lunch and they ate till the silver shone.

Music Club soon came in to conduct ‘antakshari’ which incited the young ones. A moment of jamming followed where the children sang along with the students and their voices impregnated the auditorium. Dancing followed music and a short dance-workshop conducted by the Choreo Club incited a new bulk of enthusiasm among the children. Meanwhile, the media club covered the entire event. Oodles of pictures were clicked and children did not shy away from the lens.

Finally, the day ended with a soul-enriching lecture and demonstration by one of the most distinguished professors of IIT Madras , Dr. T.S.Natarajan. It was great to see the professor build an immediate rapport with these kids and mesmerize them with his experiments. By the end of the interaction, the kids were left in awe and reverence.

Saarang Sukriti distributed notebooks, pens and IIT-M souvenirs to these young ones and their smiles spoke volumes. Saarang bid adieu to the children, feeling proud of its humble gesture, a step towards child welfare.

Stay tuned to Saarang, its dates, events and concerts like none other :-


As the countdown begins, an endless stream of activity ripples the face of Techniche’15. This year Techniche gives you a wonderful time converting your boring subjects into something awesome. The Predefined module manifests itself with a quintessential platform for young innovators and learners. This module consists of events where your pre-preparations majorly decide the outcome.
With the problem statements given way in advance, it provides the participants with enough time to research and discuss to come up with the best possible solution. It lets each participant face challenges, learn and have their own experience while going from the problem to its solution for we at Techniche believe that “It’s not about the destination but the journey to it”.


From exploring the cosmos to solving real life issues and problems, Predefined has it all. Be a part of it to experience it. This year the Predefined Module brings to you 8 heart thrilling competitions which will leave you thirsty for more.


1) What If! (All): A hypothetical situation-based event tailor made for astronomy + science-fiction enthusiasts. You will be given situations where you are to bend the laws of physics to your will.


2) The Green Paradigm (All): This event focuses on designing a city infrastructure considering only four elements: factories, trees, human beings and animals. It aims in creating the least populated city possible for a given area and a number of elements specified at onsite examination.


3) Code of Faith (CSE Dept.): Ever been intrigued by the power of synchronous work? Well either way, this event is the one for you not only to showcase your ability to code algorithmically but also how as a team you work and coordinate.


4) Elec-Trade (EEE/ECE Dept.): Monopoly of Electronics. This is a unique competition where building circuits isn’t just about connecting the dots, but about bringing out the thriving entrepreneur in you.


5) Velocitas Eradico (EEE/ECE Dept.): The target of the event is to ultimately construct a futuristic Gauss gun or a coil gun in simple terms, a gun that implements electromagnetic forces.


6) Cryptophobia (CSE Dept.): Talk is cheap, Give me the code. Cryptophobia brings a stage for all the cryptographers who love to decipher the great puzzles.


7) Easel (Civil Dept.): We build too many walls and not enough bridges. Easel encourages you to use all your engineering skills and bring to life a bridge, your own design, your own marvel! Solve a real life problem by designing a bridge with the details in the already released problem statement.


8) Cantilever Design: This year Techniche provides the brightest minds of country the best platform to showcase their talent in designing and applied mechanics. This is an event where teams are required to build a structure using straws and masking tape that cantilever or extends a maximum distance beyond the top edge of table.


The Predefined Module boasts an impressive array of sponsors, with a total prize money of 2 lakhs. We suggest you to stop reading the article, and get started with your work. Welcome to the Predefined Module of Techniche. Where we define the rules, and you rule the definitions.


So what are you waiting for? Register yourselves at www.techniche.org . For further queries, contact Varun at +91 9085290672.


Industrial Conclave, Techniche’15

To surge ahead in this world of cut throat competition, one needs to have a proper blend of technical skills and managerial skills. To achieve this, Techniche organizes Industrial Conclave. Techniche invites several renowned industrialists who are the big shots in their respective fields to bridge down the gap that lies between an aspiring entrepreneur and a successful entrepreneur or industrialist in the near future. Industrial Conclave is organized for three full days during Techniche, where budding entrepreneurs get to know the invaluable experiences encountered and the intricacies involved in making one’s business successful. During this energized three day session, one can clarify their doubts that hang them back from surging ahead towards their target. Not only this, Industrial Conclave promises a motivating start for the beginners who have no idea whatsoever, but are curious to explore this vastly dynamic field. Industrial Conclave also includes enthralling workshops and networking lunch with speakers.


The past editions saw the likes of Mr. Marten Pieters (MD and CEO, Vodafone India), Ms. Vinita Bali (Former CEO and MD, Britannia Industries Ltd), Mr. Arun Iyer (National Creative Director, Lowe Lintas India) among others, the Conclave has ceaselessly grown bigger and better, every year.


Techniche’15 would witness the lights of Tapan Singhal( MD and CEO, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance),  Chet Kamat, (MD and CEO Oracle Financial Services ), Pankaj Dubey( MD, Polaris India), S. Nagarajan(MD, Mother Dairy), Tanvi Bhatt (Founder, Panache), Rahul Kapoor (Motivational speaker and author)



A brief overview of the speakers’ profile:

Tapan Singhal( MD and CEO, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance)

Mr. Tapan Singhel is presently the MD & CEO of Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd. He has been with Bajaj Allianz since its inception, and was a part of the team that chalked out its entry in the retail market.

Chet Kamat, (MD and CEO Oracle Financial Services)

He is responsible for establishing a 13,000 strong unit from scratch, serving over 200 global clients at Accenture India Delivery Center Network.

Pankaj Dubey( MD, Polaris India)

He established Polaris ATVs, snowmobiles and has been instrumental in the launch of products such as the Intex mobile phone, LML Freedom, Yamaha FZ16, Yamaha R15 and Indian Motorcycles in the Indian market.

  1. Nagarajan(MD, Mother Dairy)

He has led the Mother Dairy team with his uncanny ability to understand the market. He has previously worked with a multitude of companies – as a Regional Sales Manager at Cadbury India, as the Director of Sales at Frito Lay India, as the Vice President of HR at Philips India.

Tanvi Bhatt (Founder, Panache)

The founder of Panache – India’s Premier Personal Branding Company, Tanvi Bhatt has pioneered the personal branding industry in India. She is recognized as the Personal Branding Expert for CXOs by The Economic Times.

Rahul Kapoor (Motivational speaker and author)

Known as a ‘live wire’, Rahul Kapoor is renowned for delivering indelible, invaluable programs that transforms lives. He was named as the Outstanding Young Person of India Award, half a decade back.


The detailed profile of each speaker can be found on www.techniche.org , for any further queries and registration please reach us at conclave@techniche.org or contact the following, Yash Mehta +91 8822872072Lav Mittal +91 8011035810
Mudit Mittal +91 7897888000.

Conquest – Networking Session

With the development of the timeline of BITS Pilani’s International Startup Conclave, Conquest 2015 has
seen enormous talent emerging from the budding entrepreneurs to revolutionize the Indian Startup
Ecosystem. DCB Bank and CitrusPay partnered with BITS Pilani over this initiative to enrich these startups
with a perfect platform to mark their launch.With the closing of registrations and short listing of the top 50,
Conquest is headed towards the rounds of Networking Sessions which was attended more than 100
entrepreneurs along with highly experienced mentors, angel investors and venture capitalists.
Through Conquest, startups have a fabulous opportunity to take forward their business ideas and plans and
compete to catch the eye of potential investors. The annual event invites startups to get assessed on their
ventures, help them with mentorship as well as give them a platform to pitch and network with potential
investors to make the quest for the success easier.
Conquest 2015 saw more than 1,200 registrations, including participants from abroad, out of which 50 teams
have been shortlisted for the second round. The Mumbai leg saw the participation by 13 teams, followed by
23 at Delhi and 12 at Bangalore.The competitors comprised varied startup genre such as technology,
In addition to mentoring startups in the process of incubation and IP filing, the mentors advised them on
fundraising and revenue model refining, customer acquisition, hiring and grooming talent, upscaling,
branding and marketing, and technology. The whole foundation of the sessions was based on an ideology to
strengthen the ventures with the highly experienced knowledge coming from executives from various
domains. With the support of few great firms like DCB Bank, Accel Partners and CitrusPay, these high
aimed goals come a step closer to their success.
The bangalore session was hosted by target accelerator and succeeded in constructive networking sessions
between the 12 startups and the mentors which included designers from practo, legal experts from top notch
firm and financial executives as well. Later investor oriented mentoring sessions helped startups understand
the aspects of fundraising and how to make themselves fundable.
The Mumbai Session saw mentors like Ruchir Inamdar (CitrusPay), Gaurav Mehta (DCB Bank) and many
more followed by investor oriented mentoring led by investors from Matrix Partners and Kae Capital.
At the Delhi Networking Sessions, the budding entrepreneurs had a brush with senior executives from top
companies like Google and successful startups
such as Food Panda, Oyo Rooms and the India Internet
Fund. The mentors advised the young entrepreneurs about the scope of improvement in their business
plans and ways to monetize them.
“Every second startup
is trying to build a new website or app. I informed the aspirants that they should not
aim only for ecommerce
after the success of Flipkart and Snapdeal. The market can’t absorb 100
companies. Only a handful will survive in the long run,” said Gautam Gandhi, head of new
business development of Google. Parth Gupta, COO Conquest 2015 also added “It was truly phenomenal to
see such brilliant ideas under one roof. Each startup was on a quest to improvise our lives remarkably.”
For more information visit www.conquest.org.in

IIT Guwahati – Model United Nations is back!

The much awaited Fall Edition of IIT Guwahati Model United Nations is back


Diplomacy is an art. Research and an understanding of policies are the essential colors to paint the blank canvas of an MUN conference. This novel canvas is the simulation of the highest level of world diplomacy – The United Nations.


A year back, MUN knocked the doors of North East’s largest Techno-management festival, Techniche as IIT Guwahati hosted the fall edition of its very own conference, and created quite a stir as it did so. Delegates from all over the nation, and also from overseas, convened under the finest of chairpersons and carried out exhilarating discussions on contemporary and historical issues for the 3 days of IITGMUN. The embassies of Sweden and Israel sent their greetings and support while the Swedish Ambassador to India, Mr Harald Sandberg and the Maharaja of Tripura, Pradyot Manikya witnessed a few sessions in person to encourage the delegates.


The fall edition of the IIT Guwahati MUN conference will be held during Techniche from 4th to 6th of September 2015. The IITG MUN provides a hands-on experience of cooperative negotiations while encompassing the profusion of world views and broadening our view of the world we live in. Needless to say, it promises an excellent level of debate, and an unforgettable experience for everyone.


The following 3 councils will be simulated in the conference:


  1. Security Council (SC): Nations have long deployed their troops for battle. But not all bullets are fired from a patriot’s arsenal; not all blood adorning the heathen land was shed in the country’s service and not all chauvinistic valor upholds the integrity of a nation’s flag. Come join us from 4th to 6th September and mark a dent in deciding the future of warfare.


  1. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA): On the 26th of April 1986, mankind woke up from a slumber it had been in since the Second Great War. With the Chernobyl meltdown, the nightmare of nuclear disaster resurfaced. As our eyes struggle to focus on the questions of feasibility, of viability, of our preparedness for judicious use of a technology the ugly side of which we have seen 3 times too many; we have to get the earth under our feet. With Chernobyl in hindsight, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) convenes on 24th September 1986 to decide the fate of this form of energy, the fate of us. Join this historical simulation at the IITG MUN 2015. The platform awaits your voice.


  1. European Club Association (ECA): Politics and policy pervades just war and doom, as is evidenced more and more as sports organizations make headlines for all the wrong reasons. With sports increasingly mirroring society and taking up from there some unpleasant characteristics like inequality and corruption, diplomatic discussion becomes ever more important. As the final committee at the IITGMUN, European Club Association convenes to lay down the guidelines for the highly controversial Financial Fair Play and discuss the course of action on the uncomfortable questions raised by the Qatar WC bid. The applications for delegates and executive board have been open for quite some time now, and with such a diverse set of agendas and committees, it would be interesting to see what transpires as the conference opens its doors from the 4th to 6th of September 2015. Details and links can be found at the website techniche.org/iitgmun



Milind Singh: +91-8011026703

Conquest 2015

Conquest Poster


About Conquest

Conquest is BITS Pilani’s international startup conclave which aims at encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship in India. Conquest is a perfect launchpad for every groundbreaking idea.​It explores and caters every need of a startup – incubation opportunities, IP filing, expert mentoring and networking sessions with Industry stalwarts, Angel investors and leading Venture Capitalists.
This year Conquest with DCB Bank as its Title sponsor aims at penetrating deeper into the Tier-II,III cities of India which we believe will be the birthplace of the next startup revolution in the country. With over a million dollar worth of Cash prizes, services being provided and extensive networking opportunities, Conquest truly is the king of Indian startup challenges.

Success Stories

Conquest has the tradition of producing some of the best startups in India. All 10 finalists of Conquest 2013 are successful registered ventures now. iTraveller (Runner up-Conquest 2013) raised $100K immediately after Conquest 2013 and recently a million dollar as series-A funding. PosterGully (Finalist-Conquest 2012) got incubated at The Hatch. GharPay, the Conquest 2011 runner up, was funded by Sequoia Capital just after months of starting up and is presently India’s biggest doorstep cash payment solution. Other startups produced by Conquest include Mobile Medics (acquired by Piramal Healthcare in 2008), iViz Security (raised $2.5 million funding in 2008, one of NASSCOM’s ‘Top 4 Emerging Product Companies’ & a big name in security solutions today).

Success of Conquest 2013

Conquest in its last edition offered INR 3 lakh in equity-less seed money and over $1 Million worth of services, licenses and incubation opportunities. The resource pool for the finalists of Conquest 2015 (cloud computing credits, accounting, sales, marketing, PR etc.) has already crossed 2 crores and we expect it to bust our previous records.

The Application process

The application process is fairly simple. The participants are required to fill in details regarding their startup across 7 criterias. Once the registrations close, the Top 50 will be announced on June 15. Personalized mentoring sessions will be organised for these teams across 5 major citiesinIndia,wherein the teams will have the liberty to choose their own mentors.

The semi-finalists will be asked to update their profiles including the progress made since the initial registration for Conquest.The Grand Finale will consist of networking sessions with esteemed people from the startup ecosystem followed by a chance to pitch to the biggest VC firms in India. All teams, irrespective of their selection to the next round, will receive detailed feedback from the judges.
Conquest is the search to find ground-breaking zealous startups ready to add themselves to the hall of fame.​With the resources and mentoring which Conquest provides we believe it that it is a perfect platform for budding entrepreneurs. Registration for participation closes on 1st of May. For furthur details head over to​ ​ www.conquest.org.in

Pragati-Growth for Everyone


Techniche, the annual Techno-Management Festival of IIT Guwahati is going to witness its 17th edition in September 2015. From its humble beginning in 1999, Techniche has grown to become one of the premier Techno-Management festivals of the nation. As a part of its ‘Initiatives’ module, Techniche has launched a program ‘Pragati- Growth for everyone’ to bring an improvement in the lives of the residents of the village ‘Latiya Bagicha’ in Amingaon, Guwahati.

We can barely imagine a life without electricity during the night. The darkness instills a feeling of helplessness. Even a tiny candle makes us feel comfortable in such pitch darkness. Techniche had taken up a rural street lighting initiative under ‘Pragati’, to install street lights which work on solar power, which is both ecological and economic. These were installed in ‘Latiya Bagicha’ on 7th March 2015(Saturday). The residents were educated regarding the use of these lights and their maintenance.


As a part of Pragati, a teaching program was launched on the 26th of January (Republic Day) to serve the basic education of the children. They are being taught elementary subjects like basic arithmetic, natural sciences and other moral principles of life. These classes are being conducted every Friday and Saturday. The residents of the village are being educated in the following areas:

1) Causes of diseases and preventive measures.

2) Women’s issues.

3) Effect of tobacco and drinking.

4) Drug abuse and illicit trafficking

5) Importance of sanity

6) Providing knowledge about government policies and acts which affect them and other general topics.


Growth is a wonderful thing, and its benefits should be reaped by everyone. Unfortunately, in a country as large as ours, with needs and circumstances as diverse, it is a major challenge to bring everyone into the folds of growth. In such a situation, it becomes everyone’s responsibility to ensure that growth does not become a prerogative to certain sections of the society. This is situation not only in Guwahati there are many such areas. They are a small group of people aspiring for a change. Few NGO’s have come forward to take part in this program, but for an effective change, everyone needs to lend a helping hand and turn their efforts into a success.


For more details, please contact Dinesh Reddy at +918471879849 or mail us at raviteja@techniche.org


IngeNUity ’15



With the backdrop of the Aravalis, about to start is the celebration of the year. NIIT University brings to you, ., the place to be this January. Go back in time with us and witness the majestic world of India’s myths and legends from a time long forgotten.

The third chapter of Ingenuity promises to be bigger, better and crazier than ever before. From the first chapter, with the theme ‘Adventure’, we witnessed the musical wonder of ‘Them Clones’ and one of our nation’s favorite comedians ‘VIP’. The second chapter brought around the resounding beats of ‘Nucleya’ and the crazy head banging riffs of ‘The Limited Experience’ symbolizing the year’s theme ‘symbols’. We promise you that this turn of the page is going to be wilder, grander and most of all legen- wait for it……. dary (considering we’re pulling everything from legends and myths with our year’s theme ‘Mythos of our Ethos’).

So tune your guitars, get your dancing shoes on, ready those trigger fingers and warm up those vocal chords, because this fest is going to be the place to be this 30th of January. Also we need some help to find our Sita so the help would be greatly appreciated. #WhereIsMySita?

Details of events:

Battle of the Bands:

“Your band, your music, our fuel. You ignite it. “

They put rhythm to words so that the lyrics would touch our hearts and that was the birth of music. Music is what emotions sound like, which is probably why music has the power to inspire hearts and touch our souls. Every song written has a story to tell, a hidden emotion.  If you and your buddies are poets of the art, then bring out your axes and prepare to battle. Let the sound blaze your mind and the music touch your soul. This is not an event you’d want to miss.

Street  Dance:

“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances” – Maya Angelou.

The real message of dance is to open up the beauties of life to those who have no other way to express themselves than through their bodies. Dance knows no boundaries, dancing is for everybody, everywhere. Street dance is about style, it’s about expression; regardless of your origins. At ingeNUity, we aim to capture the true essence and spirit of street dance. If you’re one with a few tricks up your sleeve and would love to show off some raw moves, let your feet do the talking at Urbanos!

Group Dance:

We dance for laughter, we dance for tears,

We dance for madness, we dance for fears,

We dance for hope, we dance for screams,

We are dancers, we create dreams.

Dancing is like creating dreams with your feet.  At Rhythmus – the group dance event at ingeNUity, we aim to bring together intensity, passion, choreography, synchronization, energy, rhythm and a whole lot of fun! We invite you to set fire to the dance floor and raise the roof while competing with some of the best dance crews around. Let’ dream together!

Solo Dance:

They say that dance is a conversation between one’s body and soul, expressed through the fluidity of motion and the grace of one’s persona. To quote Martha Graham, “Wherever a dancer stands is holy ground”, and indeed, dancers have enthralled us since the birth of time and who better be presented as an epitome of grace than Lord Rudra? If you’re passionate about dance and would like to tell us your story, ingeNUity is just right for you! Make the world your stage at Rudra– the solo dance event, where we aim to showcase the best solo dancers! Dazzle us. Take our breath away. We would love it!

Vine Making: If you’ve spent countless hours online surfing through vines that tickle your funny bone then this is definitely the event for you! All you need is a camera, some interesting ideas and a moment of brilliance to wow us. But most importantly, don’t forget to have fun!

Face Painting: Remember those times when you exercised your artistic skills drawing moustaches on the faces of unsuspecting victims? Well, this is the time to bring forth those ideas again! And this time, we promise you won’t get into trouble!

Doodle Art:  It’s time to bring alive all the masterpieces scribbled on the back of your notebook. All you need is a piece of paper and a pen to sketch a world of imagination. Come doodle your heart away!

Creative writing (poem): Poetry has long been a form of expressing one’s emotions, whether it is Shakespeare’s brilliant soliloquies or Wordsworth’s picturesque descriptions. Club words with emotions, sprinkle a bit of rhyme and add creativity to the mix to weave the perfect poem at ingeNUity’15.

Creative writing (essay): Ernest Hemingway once said that there is nothing more to writing than to sit at a typewriter and let your heart bleed. Writing is about expressing yourself without any inhibitions. Writing is about putting your soul on paper. If you have a flair for words and anelaborate imagination, come participate in the Creative Writing competition atingeNUity’15.

Mythological Quiz:   Did you know that Hanuman was cursed to forget his own abilities unless reminded by another? Indian mythology is a treasure trove of numerous such interesting tid-bits. Tease those brain cells with fun facts from mythology at our Mythology Quiz. It’s a great chance to learn something new!

Street Play:  Are you passionate about the issues plaguing our modern society?  Are you ready to spread awareness about such issues? Are you a firm believer in righteousness? Want to make your voice heard?

Embolden your voice! Gather the crowds and the world is your stage!

Treasure hunt: Would you like to join in an adventurous quest, where your mental strength will be tested to its limits?
Where every straight road leads to a dead end and only your wits in deciphering the clues will guide you towards your true goal.
The journey may be arduous and the end distorted but we guarantee victory will be that much grander once you find your sweet Sanjeevani.
So, would you love to go on an adventure?

Best Graffiti: Transform the paper on your desk to look like the ghetto walls of NYC or, just another page from a doodle notebook. Get your wild painting skills to work!

Tattoo making: If not permanent, why not temporary? Transform to reality that dream of adorning yourself with a pretty tattoo. Or, you could always try out your designs on someone else. A little bit of ink never hurt anyone!

On the spot décor: If you’re really spontaneous, smart, and have the brilliant talent of clearing your room in under two minutes, you know you’re meant to win this! Take junk, make it look better.

T-shirt designing:  Got a quirky thought or a mad design swimming around in your head? Well here’s your chance to spice up a plain white tee. Turn heads with your legen-wait for it-dary creation!

DJ Night :  What you do not need for this is any particular skill set or forte. What you do need for this night is, however, the willingness to shake a leg and dance the night away! Just dance!


Valley crossing : Seen those action flicks where you can conquer an enemy by simply dangling from a rope? Well, we have something similar, sans James Bond of course! (Not any competition.)


JAM : One minute to exhibit your oratory skills, seasoned with funny comebacks, really smart words and poking fun at what interests you. Impress us and we award you just for speaking!


Solo singing : We’re not really looking for the next Adele or Rahman, but if you think the tunes you hum are good enough to flatter those of the opposite gender, congratulations! You’ll probably win this one!


PO.FA.ST : DSLR. Check. Normal scene you want to make look extraordinary. Check. Some filters. Check. A deep quote for a caption. Check.  Three categories of emerging photography covered under one event, namely, Portrait, Fashion and Street. Stun us and we’ll award you.


Best Hyperlapse: Hyperlapse videos are the next big thing in the world of photography and we want you to prove to us that you’re brilliant with it! Capture the crowds or the sunrise with that camera!


Vistas: How about you become Sherlock, only clutching a camera! Crack the code, get there fast and cover it with your camera. The best photographs win accolades and mentions on our social media accounts!


Casino : The Casino is the closest you’ll get to the party scene of Goa, but in the deserts of Rajasthan. Rest assured, you’ll want to make money on this one! Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and more, if you’re good with cards, you do not want to miss this one.


Duet Dance: Do you believe it takes two to tango? Can you and your partner rock the stage with your incredibly synchronous and energetic moves? If you’re two, and you’re not just another couple, this event will let you charm the audience like nothing else.


Theatre: Theatre is life. Cinema is art. Television is furniture.


In a time when people prefer Big Bang Theory over Hamlet, we bring you an event aimed at bringing together those passionate about theatre. Enthusiasts believe that theatre is a representation of life sans the worldly illusions. We invite you to take the stage and mesmerize us with your bold dialogues, enthralling acting skills and sheer stage presence. Relive the charm of theatre at Mithya. See you there!


Fashion Show: The latest fashion trends are what you dream about. You have never stepped outside your home without checking page 3. Mango, Prada, Jack & Jones are names you swear by. Sounds like you? Welcome to Avatar! Walk the ramp, and smile as the cameras click away!


PC Gaming : One flick of your mouse and your opponents are already cursing you for your accuracy! Or for the brilliant usage of N2O. Connect into the game and win great prizes just for gaming well!



Bollywood quiz : Think you know Bollywood better than anyone else around you? Care about flicks more than chicks? You’ve finally arrived to the place where you may be rewarded for it! Yeh prize mujhe dede, Thakur!


Paintball : The Counter-Strike fun. Just in real life. Lock and load soldiers, go! We will not respawn you, though.


Mr and Ms Ingenuity : Be crowned the smartest, hottest and literally the most sought after people at ingeNUity. Top it all with a really grand prize. What could be better than all those people calling you Mr./Ms. Ingenuity until next year? Nothing!


Kill the bug : Coding. Is. Essential. Debugging, even more so. Debug the lines of code we give to you, make them work, and we reward you! If it was any simpler, we’d probably write a computer program for it.


Instrumental face off:

Instrumental music is not everyone’s forte – after all, it’s not easy to web words with musical notes. But, if you’re an enthusiast or have spent countless hours practicing on your chosen instrument, Vadya is your event! Pit off against some of the best musicians and show off your skills. All you need is a bit of passion and an ear for good music.

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