Game of Thrones – An Internship by Adstuck


As an AdStuck intern, you would require to extensively promote one of their Android apps. They will be giving you certain activities which will have to be executed on your android enable phone. For every activity, you will be getting certain points, and each of this point has a monetary value. This points cane be redeemed, at the end of Internship, for cash which will be given by AdStuck company.

Note: You will be selected only as a Lord. All other characters i.e. Lannister and wingmen would be selected by you from your network once you get selected as an Intern.

Now, this is how the whole internship works:

You will be acting as the Lord. You will be given the android app link which you would need to download. After downloading, you will be getting a ‘code’ at the same time. This code would be used to add a group of 5 ‘Lanisters’ under you. Now, these lanisters could be anyone: your friends, juniors, relatives or any acquaintances. Following this, each lanister would have to make a group of 20 ‘wingman’. Again, these people can be either friends or relatives.

So, in all every lord has: 5 lanisters, 100 wingman (20 * 5). The total head count stands at 105 (excluding you i.e. the ‘lord’ or Intern). As a lord you will have to make sure that all 5 lanisters do the allotted tasks and every lanister has to ensure that, all wingman under them do the allotted tasks. Each of you get some points based on tasks which can be later redeemed for cash rewards. The more tasks you do, the more points you accumulate and the more cash benefits you get.


Take away Details:

? Lord – He/She gets Rs 1500 per month, Internship certificate from AdStuck and of course, the extra monetary benefits depending upon the points you accumulate. Also, if you perform exceptionally good, you will be appointed as ‘Lord of Lords’ and will be getting extra rewards for the same. The stipend amount would be given only if your group meets a certain work bench mark with all of them as active.

? Lanisters – He/ She gets Rs 1000 per month, Internship certificate from AdStuck and the extra monetary benefits depending upon the points accumulated. Same conditions apply as that for Lord.

? Wingman – Out of 20 wingman in a group of lanister, only top three get certificates. Each wingman gets monetary benefits depending on the points accumulated. However, there is no fixed stipend for them.



For Application Questionnaire – click here:

You can read more on this opportunity by clicking the link here

If interested in the Internship, you can mail your application to in this format with along with the mentioned attachments in order:

  • Mail Subject – ‘AdStuck Intern Applicant’
  • Updated Resume
  • Filled answers to the Questionnaire

Read more about the company here:

You will be notified on your mail once you get selected and will then be taken on to further rounds. For any queries, you can directly drop a mail to ; Good luck!


Be Better: Meet Our First Judgement Day Winner Aashvi Mittal

Seems like just yesterday when we told you about the Be Better launch and the INR 50k of rewards which come with it. With about 30 winners in just 18 days, who knew time flies by so quickly!

To quickly recap, Be Better is a brainchild of the alumni from IIM Calcutta at ambitionME. It is an initiative asking you to explore multiple aspects of your personality and having some fun along the way.

Supported by, Healthkart, Fresca, Postergully, Let Me Know, Be Better is a series of quick and easy tasks which will remind you of the little things often ignored in our busy lives. So you can try to Be Active, Be Cool, Be Savvy, Be Aware, Be Loving, Be Smart,….. you get the picture.

Finally, introducing the winner @ Judgement Day 1: Aashvi Mittal take a bow! You floored us with your simple, stupendous entry @ Be Cool and the players couldn’t agree more with you. You would be receiving a “Cool” gift hamper from Fresca Juices once Be Better ends. Many, many congratulations.

So what are you waiting for? This is super easy, takes less than 5 minutes to complete a task and you have a shot to be at the top of the leaderboard daily. Join the madness NOW.

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Get inspired, be Better!

Get inspired, be Better!

Since Hope is a waking dream..


We all believe that things will get better, that despite all this gloom there is always light around the corner. But do we really need new governments or upheavals of systems to realise that there is hope around us? Isn’t it all around us everyday? Look at that young man who serves you chai in the morning and studies at night . Spare a minute for the pretty girl there who can’t see a dog suffering. Hear the story of the gifted leader who could have had his pick of high paying corporate jobs but rather chooses to go teach underprivileged kids instead. What is it that you feel, if not hope?

Every street in our every city carries heroes who go about their lives with kindness , honesty and honor. If only we could spare a minute to share their stories instead of narrating deeds of criminals that fill our newspapers and appear in televisions everyday.

Opinia360 is a mobile application which has been created as a way to expand the democratic process through digital mediums. It aims at making it simpler for Indian citizens to get their voice heard. It is a web and mobile based application which crowd-sources solutions to the most critical issues of time. It sends one socially relevant question every day and takes the response as a nationwide collective thought. People’s belief in seeing hope in the gloom, took to the streets to discover the real heroes of our society. Here are a few of the heart-warming stories they heard.


Roohneet Koachar

To help those who can’t ask for it is among the noblest of acts any of us can do. Rohneet Koachar shares the story of how she first fell in love with stray dogs and continues to rescue them as and when she gets the opportunity. Whats inspires us is that her act of kindness has brought

pic 1
about a change in the people in her neighborhood. Today , they all take an extra moment to feed and shelter the strays.

“We see so many dogs suffering on the streets each day. It is hard to watch. Coco was lying on the street, injured in an accident , when I took him to the vet. He never went back to the streets. Today, I take care of 8 street dogs. People from my neighborhood have started being kind to dogs too. They leave out food and water for the street dogs whenever they can. I am grateful to all of them. Give kindness a shot. People follow.”


Adhiraj Singh

How often do we see little kids and old people , weak and helpless, but choose to ignore them completely. Opinia360 speaks to Adhiraj Singh , who cared enough to want to make a difference. He speaks of how a small deed can make a big difference in somebody’s life.He proves that the feared era of selfishness is not yet upon us. There is hope .

“I once saw a little kid standing outside a government school.There was an exhibition going on.He was fascinated by the lights inside . I took him in with me ,showed him the place.”

“Bhaiyya”, he looked up at me with hope,”Can I study here?” It broke my heart. I spoke to his parents who said they were too poor to educate their children.I wanted to help him in some way. I paid his fees. One small act can make a huge difference.

I can tell you that people still want to help others. You just have to set an example.


Asmita Singh

The general consensus seems to be that honesty has been the first casualty of the modern age.

pic 3
Asmita Singh, a travel blogger/food lover shares her experience with an auto driver that is sure to bring a smile on the faces of the most jaded of us. It gives us hope that honesty is not dead yet.

“I forgot my phone in an auto once. Before I realized it was gone , the auto driver came back to return it to me. I lost it again a little later. Funnily , it was the same auto driver who returned it to me this time too. I was so overwhelmed. I only regret that I do not have a picture with him”

I tell everyone that I have seen honesty. It looks like an auto driver”, she says.

Read the Opinia 360 blog for more stories,

The youth is rushing faster towards disillusionment than towards improvement, and it is this very fading away of hope that Opinia 360 decided to set out and re-discover.

Register on their website at and download the application on Google Play,

There is hope all around. They see it. And we are sure you will too.

Be Better At Lil’ Things That Matter




Best toh sab hote hain. Better banke dikhao toh jaanein!

Challenge yourself on the road less traveled. Undertake a series of tasks which will remind you of the little things often ignored in our busy lives. The #BeBetter  tasks are simple, but you need to do more, and do well.

A brainchild of the alumni from IIM Calcutta at ambitionME, #BeBetter is not meant to be just a contest. It is an initiative asking you to explore multiple aspects of your personality and having some fun as you do so.

Need more motivation?

Undertake the #BeBetter tasks anytime during these 50 days (1st July – 19th August) and we have rewards worth Rs. 50,000 to give you company.

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Come Play.

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Viber Campus Ambassador #goodvibes

Spend this summer ‘working from home’ for one of the well established firms; a name which we might often find and may even use in the list of our smart phone applications. #Spreading goodvibes #Internships

Here are just some of the reasons to apply for the happiest internship this summer. See more details and apply here:

VIBER #goodvibes

1. You’re the voice of the Next Big Brand: 
Viber is one of the fastest growing mobile apps with over 200 Million uWith Viber, everyone in the world can connect. Freely. Viber users can send free text messages, photo messages, video messages and share locations with other users. Users can also make free HD-quality calls to other Viber users on iPhone®, Android™, Windows Phone, Blackberry®, Windows®, Mac, Symbian, Nokia S40 and Bada devices over 3G/4G or WiFi connections. Viber is constantly innovating by introducing new platforms and adding fun new features including stickers and emoticons. What’s better than getting rewarded for speaking up about a trusted well renowned brand?

 2.  You matter:

Your opinion matters. How you feel about certain things, people, places, activities, songs, movies, TV Shows, books, food, favorite super hero, makes a difference. Through #GoodVibes we give you a platform to share all the things that make your day better and puts you and your friends in a good mood almost instantaneously. We want to know about these things and so does everybody else. Together, we create a culture, a movement of #GoodVibes.

 3. It’s raining gift vouchers, gadgets. smartphones and more:

Saving up on your pocket money religiously to buy that smart-phone you’ve had your eyes on since a long time? Well, what if we tell you that you can get it for free? Successfully complete all the tasks that are assigned to you during the period of the program and win performance based rewards in the form of exciting gift vouchers and some of the best gadgets and smartphones. It cannot get any easier!

 4. World Tour, homies! 

They say that the best time to travel is when you’re young – when you don’t have a 9 to 5 job holding you back among other major responsibilities. We make that happen for you! Apart from the rewards previously mentioned in #2, we give you the Mega Prize of packing your bags and seeing World courtesy the Viber #GoodVibes World Tour. Hop in!

 5. Get bragging rights for your resume:

You know what looks better on your resume that the one sentence career objective you cut-copy-paste from the internet? Work Experience. More so,  if you have an experience worth talking about, from a company that’s one of fastest growing brands. All the participants of the Viber #GoodVibes Ambassador Program, get an internship certificate, on successfully completing the simple tasks, to boost your resume. Now, that’s something to talk about in your interview!

 6. Be the popular kid in your college:

#GoodVibes is all about following and sharing Viber’s philosophy of ‘Connecting Freely’ and encouraging more people around you to do the same. This means more interaction with people on everyday basis, a chance to network with like-minded #goodvibes messengers and the opportunity to be that kid ‘everybody knows’.

Now, who wouldn’t want to be that?

7. We don’t care where you live:
The Viber #goodvibes Ambassador program is for anybody from Delhi to Dehradun. No location constraints whatsoever. You can be anywhere in the country and we’d love to have you on board to help us make #goodvibes a viral movement – a revolution. You can comfortably work from anywhere in the country.

 8. We don’t focus on making you more broke than you already are  

We have all been college students once and we understand the value of every penny and having Maggi for dinner. As a #goodvibes Ambassador, you work from the comfort of your college campus, without having to pay ridiculous cab-fares to transport yourself to a fancy cubicle-ridden office. You spent absolutely no money to be part of the #goodvibes program and that is not even the best part! ; )

 9. Former Viber interns recommend it:

If you are still in doubt, then maybe you’d want to listen to college students just like you who have previously interned for Viber. Agnes Lee, one of the top performers of the Viber internship that took place earlier this year, says, ‘The experience was amazing.I literally used to wait for the tasks to be uploaded so that I could nail them on time! I registered for #goodvibes the day I came to know about it.’ Oh, and did we tell you she won an iPad mini for her spectacular performance? Yes, she did!

1o. Because sharing #GoodVibes is fun!

We know you love talking, messaging and being in touch with the crazy bunch of people you call friends and you do it without the asterisk of terms and conditions. You do it because it’s easy, it makes you happy and most importantly because it’s fun! That’s exactly what Viber #goodvibes Ambassador program offers you too – an internship that is not boring. We don’t make you study, or research, or submit reports, or even get us coffee and print outs. We make you do things you love to do so you are part of an internship that comes with a promise of being one of  the coolest and funnest ever. : )
Register for the Viber #GoodVibes Ambassador Program today! 

A Layman Guide To Writing A Perfect Personal Statement

Personal statements are usually required by some colleges and universities during admission and it is written for only one purpose: show the committee that you are different than other candidates in the flock. There are two types of personal statements that are commonly assigned to the candidates along with the admission application.

  • General Personal Statement
  • Specific Personal Statement

In general, personal statement you are free to expose your views or present a personalized write-up. Specific personal statements, on the other hand, are written in response to some specific questions.

Key Elements

  • Style 

Your style of writing should be clear and concise. Avoid using italic, bold or underlines. Adopt a simple and natural writing style instead of a complex and fancy one. Add mild humor if you want but be careful while presenting it. Also, make sure that there are no spellings or grammar mistakes and the document is punctuated correctly.

  • Format

Personal statement is somewhat similar to essays in which you start your work from introduction and finish it in the conclusion paragraph. In between, you discuss your skills, achievements, expertise and goals. You can also discuss your aims and objectives and the reason to apply in the specific institute. Jot down your co-curricular activities and link them to your course or area of interest. Other ideas that you can include in your personal statement are as follows

  • What are your career goals?
  • How do you plan to achieve your specific goals?
  • What inspired you?
  • What are your key traits (Compassionate, patient, reliable, persistent, etc.)?
  • And, what you are skills (team player, team coordinator, leader, manager, etc.)?

Tips To Write Seamless Personal Statements

  • Start With a Catchy Statement

Before you start writing, find an angle from which you can make your personal statement more interesting to the reader. You can add any interesting life event or a humorous story to develop the level of interest right from the beginning.

  • Answer Questions Accordingly

Many institutes provide you with a list of questions and ask you to answer those questions in their personal statement. To respond to their answers clearly, you’ve to answer each question in a separate paragraph.
Moreover, if you are applying in many universities at the same time, avoid using a same personal statement for all.

  • Grab Attention From Onset

Your introductory paragraph should be attention grabbing, as it is the first paragraph that the admission officer reads. If he finds it interesting, he will definitely read it to the end.

  • Show Creativity

Admission committees are always in search of those applicants who are different from the rest of the horde because of their skills and capabilities. So, try to write your statement in a manner that reflects that distinct side of yours. Think, act and write creatively.

  • Avoid Presenting Controversial Views

In your personal statement, avoid including political or religious views as these are called controversial subjects.

  • Research Before You Write

Sometimes institutes ask a general question such as why you are interested in getting admission there. You can’t answer that question, until you are completely aware of the university’s faculties, ethics, environment, etc. Therefore, research before you make any comments on that question in your personal statement.

  • Proofread

Don’t forget to proofread your essay at the end. Even a best writer commits mistakes. Read it again and again to find out possible mistakes. Make sure there is no grammatical or spelling mistake. If possible, ask someone to edit your statement and make corrections so that you can increase your chances of admission approval.

Stewart Agron
An inspirer and a motivator at a renowned firm, Stewart Agron mostly spends her time nurturing new dissertation writers helping them present an inspiring research. When she’s not mentoring, she loves to hit the beach in her area and read the novels of Jane Austen.

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Here’s why I feel Online education should be recognized by Universities

 One evening, I received a very enthusiastic call from one of my best friends who wanted my help about the basic legal compliance for his new Startup. I was ashamed to realise that even though I had answered two papers on Law on Contracts before he asked me this, I had to train myself by attending an online business law class before I could answer his doubt satisfactorily. Most student-initiated startups like this, businesses need very basic services which could be easily taught in law colleges. However, having attended four semesters at a law school, I have realized that examinations here prefer to test the power of a student’s memory to learn sections of the bare act and names of case laws, among other details and barely attempt to test analytical skills. In the exam, it does not matter if I had the ability to apply relevant legal provisions in to a certain hypothetical situation, and I can expect top grades in my second year at one of India’s National Law Universities, just by virtue of a strong memory. Moving on from one semester to another, from the paper on Law of Contracts to Labour Law, I noticed that we are being taught about the difference between two technical terms in a subject rather than the practical sides of legal education like the method of registration a company or annual compliances or drafting of contracts.

While attempting to overcome the impediments I had been facing in my stream, I came across an array of websites offering online education which was capable of bridging the gap between what I was learning at college and what I have been missing out but is required in the industry. It was then that I realized that if one wishes to learn more- beyond the customary college education or even if one desires to enhance his skills, then online education provides us an excellent opportunity.

That is how my research began and I ended up discovering sites like Coursera, EdX, Udacity among many other such websites, which have been the front runners of Massive Open Online Courses. The MOOC’s have made access to quality education easily accessible, convenient and economic. They demand minimum requirements from the students- only an internet connection and a will to learn. These courses demand only around 12 hours per week and are therefore not too time consuming. Such courses are usually divided into week-wise allotment of video lectures, quizzes and tests. They also offer an option called ‘Community’ wherein students can participate in discussion forums and can have their doubts clarified by the course co-coordinators, who are usually professors from top Universities all over the world.

World’s most reputed universities have tied up with these websites, thereby making MOOCs all the more popular over the years. While online education is not limited to MOOCs only, since many online courses charge a considerable amount- but MOOCs have the added advantage of breaking the barrier of costs involved in higher education, apart from relaxing the usual hindrances of managing time or the relaxation of the distance involved. MOOCs also serve as an excellent platform for all those inquisitive minds who want to study courses outside their streams. Irrespective of one’s age, he/she can opt for any course which interests him.

online education

The procedure that needs to be followed for almost all MOOCs includes registration and creation of a free online account, followed by selection of courses depending upon one’s interests and availability of time. Specific set of instructions might be present like stream related knowledge for professional courses like that of Advanced Organic Chemistry while others might not have such strict pre requisites. Courses are usually divided into various modules and have a test at the end of these modules and also a final examination for assessment, based on which the certification depends. The modules are taught by means of Video lectures, which can be accessed repeatedly.

I have opted for 4 online courses so far and I have enjoyed the learning experience I have gained from each. I was especially enthusiastic about one of them- Constitutional law, since this course is being provided by Yale University, which is among one of the top ten universities of the world. The way this online platform works simply amazes me, since I have experienced a great understanding of a subject from Yale University and I have enjoyed the learning process, which has been far better than the traditional classroom lessons.

Here’s my share of the research on online education which pertains to the legal stream. However, the sites that I will now mention have numerous courses on every possible subject of interest.

  1. Coursera provides free online courses in collaboration with top universities. Some of the courses that I found interesting include American Constitutional Law offered by Yale University, Property and Liability: An Introduction to Law and Economics, Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy, Law and the Entrepreneur etc.
  1. Harvard University had embraced the idea of online education many years before it became popular and widely accepted. Important legal courses being offered by the University include Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, Constitutional Law, The American Constitution and how it protects the citizens of USA from their government etc. It provides online classes which can be accessed during fall and spring semesters. Almost all distance education classes are taught by the faculty at Harvard University. Students opting for distance learning courses are not only given the opportunity to take part in virtual classrooms according to pre decided time tables, but also the chance to communicate with the faculty.
  1. Oxford University provides a very well-structured online course on Master degree in International Human Rights Law, primarily meant for those yearning to pursue higher education in the field of Human Rights law from a reputed institute while staying at home or carrying out work related responsibilities.
  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW), which provides virtual access to almost all MIT publications and resource materials. The best part about this is that OCW gives open access and is therefore freely available for everyone and also one is provided with a certificate from EdX upon completion. It has online laboratories and discussion platforms to boost peer to peer conversations. Among other courses, here are some that I noticed: The Law of Mergers and Acquisitions, Inventions and Patents, Patents, Copyrights and Law of Intellectual Property, Innovative Businesses and Breakthrough Technologies – The Legal Issues,

A recent report carried out by Aspiring Minds (an employability solutions firm) and based on a pan-India study of 60,000 graduates across colleges, revealed that 47% graduates are not employable in any sector of the knowledge economy. Today’s economy does not permit an average recruiter to spend huge amounts of money on training a student from a reputed college, but without practical skills needed for the job. Online education obviously cannot seek to substitute the customary model of University education, but the aim is to complement that learning with that practical knowledge, which is very essential for employability and the lack of which will not be entertained by employers. I feel Universities should recognize such online courses where experts share relevant skills with students that help them make more employable once they graduate

Sharanya Mukherjee.

The Royal Ballet School, London

images (27)
images (24)

The Royal Ballet School, founded in 1926, is the most accomplished and renowned classical ballet school in United Kingdom earning government support, and at the same time attracting the very best ballet students worldwide. The school aims at training and educating classical ballet dancers for The Royal Ballet and other dance companies, as well as setting the benchmark in dance training at the international level.

Learning and living at The Royal Ballet School presents both its exciting and exacting aspects. The students pursue a rigorous academic program alongside their dance studies and also socialize as a part of a supportive and vibrant community.

The school is based over two sites, White Lodge, Richmond Park (8-15 year old) and Covent Garden (16-19 year old) with the latter being adjacent to the Royal Opera House.

A former Royal hunting lodge, White Lodge became home to the younger students in 1955. There has been continuous development of its facilities in order to keep it at the forefront of ballet training in the UK.

The White Lodge proudly owns six studios, one of which is the Fonteyn Studio Theatre, named after Margot Fonteyn, one of the school’s first and most illustrious graduates.

The Covent Garden base, serves as the home to the older students. The Covent Garden is built opposite to The Royal Opera House and is connected by a spectacular bridge providing the students safe and easy access to The Royal Opera House.


Full time courses are available for students aged 11-18 years and begin at the White Lodge campus where the school runs a five year course alongside academic studies. The three year training program at the Covent Garden for students aged 16+ includes academic studies in the first two years.

Choreographic Training

The current choreographic course at Covent Garden offers a range of projects designed to encourage creativity, choice and discernment among the students.

The course includes external visits to performances and galleries, music education and guest workshops. The course runs across the first two years of training and every student is encouraged to choreograph and be a part of the creative process.

1st year students cover a series of introductory composition sessions involving understanding of time and space, improvisation, gesture using music and developing new ideas from ballet principles.

The 2nd year involves group work, choreographic craft development, music education, wider vocabulary development and longer projects involving collaboration in a given theme which culminate in the Ursula Moreton Award.

Auditions and Applications

National audition tours are held at various venues throughout UK, for full time students and for Mid and Senior associates in the spring term and for junior Associates in the summer term.

Full time training (White lodge: 11-15 years & Covent Garden: 16-19 years.)

Preliminary auditions are held in January and February, final auditions are held in February and March.

International applicants and candidates from Scotland and Ireland are required to submit a DVD as a preliminary audition.

Private auditions for overseas students are only granted at the discretion of the director depending on the availability of the staff.

Junior Associate auditions are held in May & June, while the Mid and Senior Associate Auditions are held in January and February.

No auditions are required for the International Summer School auditions, with the selection being based on photo application only.

Fee Structure

90% of the students are supported financially in some form or the other with over 25% paying no fees at all. A number of funding schemes, scholarships and bursaries are available.


For more info visit

We hope that you found this post informative and interesting. Keep following LET ME KNOW for more.


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The Pros & Cons of Seeking a Higher Online Education

higher education

With an ever-growing population of students seeking higher education, many are left wondering whether or not online learning can offer the same advantages as a traditional college experience. While the majority of those going to college are between the ages of 18-24, millions of adults aged 25 or older continue to join them, making up roughly one third of enrolled students in the United States. Among these millions of students, at least 30% of them have taken an online class, with a majority of traditional universities now including online learning opportunities in their curriculum.

It’s clear that the internet has had an amazing impact on education, but is that a good enough reason to consider seeking schooling through an MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)? Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of higher online education:



One of the top advantages of enrolling in an MOOC is the amount of flexibility students have, which instantly makes it a more welcoming alternative to a traditional education. In today’s economy, it’s becoming ever so more difficult to balance receiving a full college education as well as have a successful full-time career.

Rather than having to work around your current schedule to attend a class, MOOCs allow students to choose how many hours they want to commit to a class each week, as well as how quickly they want to finish a class. Best of all, the majority of MOOCs are offered at no cost to the student, are in English, short, and not followed-up with an exam.


Higher online education gives you an unprecedented amount of control over your schooling. Nobody will hold your hand through the process, as you will be expected to finish schoolwork on your own time and handle your own affairs. For those who prefer the independent experience of setting your own schedule, this is definitely a positive aspect of online schools.


Whenever you want to do your assignments or are concerned about due dates or expectations of a certain class, you’ll easily be able to access them over the internet. Instant access to every aspect of your education is an excellent benefit of online education.


When it comes to traditional universities, you are pretty much limited to what courses and degrees your school offers. However, in the case of online schools, they typically offer a much wider variety of educational options. If you have a desire to learn more about a subject and your local university doesn’t offer any classes in that area, chances are that you’ll be able to find a source of online education to satisfy your desires.



Although there are now many respectable online universities and most traditional colleges offer online coursework, there is still a stigma surrounding higher online education. A degree earned via this method might not be as highly respected as a certificate from a conventional school. That being said, most employers report that they do value an online degree.


Even though online education offers a greater level of accessibility than traditional colleges, there is a noticeable lack of both physical and social interaction. This might not be a big deal for some students, but for others, it’s important to be able to contact their professor and discuss educational matters with them. Online instructors usually serve a very limited role, which can restrict your connection with them. Asking questions mid-lecture isn’t possible when most lectures are pre-written and pre-recorded.


Conventional universities offer specialized advising and regimented weekly classes. Needless to say, you won’t always find this with higher online education, as you are expected to set your own schedule and complete coursework within a set amount of time. The structure is much less rigid, meaning that it will be important for you to have a high level of self discipline and avoid falling behind on school work.

Modern Problems

There are many issues that go along with being on the cutting edge of education. In addition to the previously discussed poor reputation that comes with the experience, you may also have trouble getting financial aid and transferring credits between schools. Because of the stigma attached to online schooling, many traditional universities do not accept credits earned from an online university.

Needless to say, there are many positives and negatives to weigh when considering higher online education. In the end, the most important thing to consider is what you expect to get out of this undertaking. Your choice of schooling should be based on the type of educational experience you wish to have. If you’re more hands on, a traditional college may be your best bet. However, if you prefer to do things in your own time, an online university could be an excellent option. Keep these concepts in mind as you go forth and further explore your educational future.

Submitted by:  Nick Rojas

Nick Rojas is an online journalist and tech-enthusiast who can always be found typing away at his computer. He enjoys discussing how technology has forever impacted the education system, as well as how it will affect the education of future generations.

GRE- Graduate Record Examinations


The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test that serves as a requirement for admission in most of the graduate schools in the United States. The GRE exam was created and administered by the Educational Testing Service with an aim to measure verbal reasoning, analytical writing and critical thinking skills that are not related to any specific field of study.

 Importance of GRE:

In the United States based graduate school admission process, the level of emphasis placed on the GRE scores varies from being a mere formality to being an important selection factor. Scores older than 5 years are not released by ETS, however acceptance into a course on the basis of a score older than 5 years may vary from institute to institute.

The cost to take the test is US$ 185, however the cost is reduced by the ETS under certain circumstances. ETS also provides financial aid to students who prove economic hardship.

Structure of the examination:

The computer based GRE consists of six sections.

Verbal Section:

The computer based verbal sections assess reading comprehensions, critical reasoning and vocabulary usage and is scored on a scale of 130-170. Each verbal section consists of 20 questions to be completion 30 minutes. Each section consists of about 6 text completion, 4 sentence equivalence and 10 critical reading questions.

Quantitative section:

The quantitative section assesses basic high school level mathematical knowledge and reasoning skills, which is of scored on a scale of 130-170.Each section consists of about 8 quantitative comparisons, 9 problem solving items and 3 data interpretation questions.

Analytical writing section:

The analytical writing section consists of two essays, an “issue” task and an “argument” task, graded on a scale of 0-6.

Issue Task: Issue topics are selected from a pool of questions, published by the GRE program. The test taker is given 30 minutes to write on a topic.

Argument Task:  The test taker will be given a series of facts and considerations leading to a conclusion, and will be asked to write an essay that critiques the argument. Test takers are asked to consider the argument’s logic and to make suggestions about how to improve the logic of the argument.

Experimental Section:

The experimental section can either be verbal, quantitative or analytical. It is unidentified and appears identical to the scored sections. Sometimes an identified research section is given instead of the experimental section. There is no experimental section in the paper-based GRE.


For those wishing to prepare for GRE a variety of material is available. ETS provides preparation software for the GRE called the powerprep, which contains two practice tests of previously asked questions, practice questions and review material. Several companies provide courses, books and other unofficial preparation material as well.

Test locations:

The offline tests are held at many undergraduate institutions in major cities in the US, while the online test is conducted in a number of centers across the globe.

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